OTC-US, Oklahoma, USA


Lawton/Elgin, OK, USA

201 Acre training facility. 200 square miles of restricted airspace, surface to 40,000 ft.

Range of Environmental Conditions
-3 – 35⁰C. Year round flying.

Support Services
Full support to UAS operations and training. UAS operations building. Flight control room, conference room/flight operations viewing room, classroom/customer work area and hangar. Anechoic/Reverb chambers. UML laboratory facilities. Reachback to OSU UAS experts.

Systems Supported
Small to medium sized UAS (2200 x 60 ft paved runway)

Flexibility, year-round flying. Wealth of experience. More than 650 UAS flights conducted since 2009.

US DoD and approved Defense Support to civil authorities.


Test Site Overview
The OSU – University Multispectral Laboratories (UML), owned by Oklahoma State University, operates an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) facility just east of Lawton, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Training Center – Unmanned Systems (OTC-USSM) facility is located in Elgin, OK. The OTC-USSM is designed, equipped, and staffed with knowledgeable former military and commercial professionals to meet current and future UAS operations/training needs. The OTC-USSM and the UML’s extensive resources are available to meet the needs of the Defense community. OTC-USSM has been conducting flight operations since October, 2009.


Contact Info

Mr. Paul Gaasbeck
Operations Manager


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