How is ICATS different from AUVSI? At present, ICATS focuses on UAS test sites and integration. ICATS works with AUVSI and other entities like Unmanned Systems Canada.

Does ICATS lobby? No, ICATS does not lobby. ICATS will serve as subject matter experts in this area and provide any information to help shape UAS regulations.

Is ICATS a for profit institution? ICATS is a not-for-profit or non-profit entity.

Does ICATS promote specific products or companies? No, ICATS promotes best practices, knowledge sharing, as well as test and integration.

Can anyone join ICATS? Any UAS test site can apply to join.

What is the process to join? Contact Dr. Stephen McKeever, Director of International Relations to initiate this process.

Where can I learn about best practices? This information will be posted in the near future.

What lessons learned can ICATS teach? ICATS focuses on UAS test, airspace integration, and UAS operations. ICATS supports many other initiatives as well.

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